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Our BIG 2019 Project- A New House!

  What’s new in 2019 for us?  WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE! This is the year that we stop daydreaming about building a farmhouse in the country and actually bought the land and started building.  There was so much to do to get ready for this big adventure. And I HATE packing and moving.  But when we get to move into our new place, I know it will all be… Read More »Our BIG 2019 Project- A New House!


Lyme Disease Check-up

Twice a year I get to go see my doctor and see what’s going on with my Lyme Disease. Sometimes those visits leave me feeling pretty frustrated. Not this one. When you live with Lyme Disease like I do, for as long as I have,  you eventually come to terms that this is your life and you can either feel hopeless or find hope. I’ve been hopeless. In those years… Read More »Lyme Disease Check-up