5 Products For A Better New You

Looking for that perfect birthday gift or Father's day surprise?  We have found 5 great products that are sure to be a hit this year for your loved ones. Or maybe you just need to give yourself some self-care and buy something nice just for you. (This post includes affiliate links. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase I may make a small commission at no extra… Read More »5 Products For A Better New You

Mindfulness Monday – More Than Meditation

  Be Here. Now. It seems as simple as trying to center your thoughts and yet it is complex, harder than it looks, and much more difficult than just pulling your head out of your… well.  You know. The act of living in the moment and practicing mindful meditation is powerful. It is everything we need for living in this chaotic and sometimes terrifying world. But what is it and… Read More »Mindfulness Monday – More Than Meditation

My Truth about Yoga

  I’ll admit it. I love yoga, really.  I love the music, the movement, and especially the nap at the end.  I actually enjoy getting into that meditative place and finding comfort in the pain as I stretch out tired muscles and move forward to the next pose. Yoga is incredibly therapeutic. Many mornings I will get up earlier than the rest of the family and go out to the… Read More »My Truth about Yoga