What do you write about?

I truthfully rarely know what I am going to write about until I have finished the last sentence. Sometimes I have a theme in mind, something that I feel passionate about when I sit down to write. Other times I need some prompting to get the juices flowing. Sometimes the ideas come to me in the strangest places and I have to text myself what they are so I don't… Read More »What do you write about?

Writing bios.

I’ve been told I can write. It’s something I do just as easy as breathing, and for me it is just as important. One day I will do something exceptional with it.  They say that when you find what you do best you should do it often. I do. Sometimes I write with purpose, usually not. I’ve always been a writer, plotter, and list maker. As a child I kept… Read More »Writing bios.

Guest Blogger – Sarah from I Didn’t Just Wake Up This Morning with a Craving

I am now coming to an age when I have lots of memories, like a basket of chestnuts to turn over a bored fire. Some memories are painfully embarrassing, though I suppose I should enjoy it though; this is the marrow of my life, and those days are not coming back. Which is sometimes for the better, as there are certain things I don’t need to live twice. Like the… Read More »Guest Blogger – Sarah from I Didn’t Just Wake Up This Morning with a Craving

You won’t win

You couldn’t just let me have that perfect day.  You had to creep in and screw it up.  You sat there whispering in my ear and wouldn’t let me just enjoy the cool breeze. I hate you… I always have.  I’ve never ever liked you, and yet there you are every time I think I have gotten away. You are a monster, you know that?  You have ruined some of… Read More »You won’t win