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Shut Up and Write - overcoming your fearful voice and do what makes you happy.

Shut up and write!

A few years ago I found myself dreaming of doing more with my writing. I wanted to be a writer but I couldn't seem to get passed the dreaming phase and on to the actual writing. Like so many people I was stuck until I accepted that no matter the outcome, I would never know what it was like to be a writer without actually trying.  I had to give… Read More »Shut up and write!

Down the Coast and The Long Sleep

I love the beauty of the words and depths of descriptions. Fantastic writing! I long to be there and see Dalkey for myself. I love Musings and Creations and I know you will as well.
Travel quote - Rumi

Ready to go Again

December was a crazy month. With travel to both Arizona and Maryland, we were gone a lot. But now I am back at my desk and it feels like I am already itching for another adventure. Maybe it’s the snowy skies and sweater weather, but I am ready to get out of here and hit the beach. That’s the hard thing about traveling so much, when you get home you… Read More »Ready to go Again

What the hell is a NaBloPoMo?

At first glance it could really go any direction, a NaBloPoMo just sounds dirty to me. Sometimes, it is. NaBloPoMo is a challenge I do each year through BlogHer. Each day of the month you write a new blog post. You write every day… without complaints, without reason, and sometimes without a filter, and to me that kind of running to the finish line is always awesome. When you write every… Read More »What the hell is a NaBloPoMo?