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The Good and Bad of Las Vegas

This week Dancing with Fireflies was on the road again. I have always loved spending time out in the desert; Las Vegas was a regular get-away when I was a kid. This week I came out here again to get my creative juices flowing with new scenery and climate. I used to come and visit my Dad when I was little when he worked in the hotels.  I loved coming… Read More »The Good and Bad of Las Vegas


Why I took a blogging break

I’ve been taking a blog break. It was all about me; I needed to slow down and put some things in perspective. I struggle with writing when my head is clouded with emotions. As a writer, most of what I put into my blog is somehow connected to who I am personally. From food cravings to holidays, I write about what I know. And what I knew was that I… Read More »Why I took a blogging break

Tonight, i wont write about love – Kushtrim Thaqi

This week we have been thinking about slowing down from the summer craziness and finding a new fall routine. Today I want to share poetry, the theme largely inspired by the works of this week’s Blogger of the Week Kushtrim Thaqi. This a special piece that I especially loved from his blog – http://kushtrimthaqi.com/. I am thrilled to present to you Kushtrim Thaqi‘s incredible poetry.   Tonight, i wont write about love. Tonight,… Read More »Tonight, i wont write about love – Kushtrim Thaqi

How to know when your blog is real

There are a lot of blogs out there. Mommy blogs, Review blogs, make-up and photography blogs pop up every day.  Some make it, some have great content and gain readers.  Some don’t.. the writer gets bored and eventually walks away. I love to write, I always have.  It was a great way to cope with life and stress.  I loved writing in diaries and little notebooks. All were filled with notes about life as I saw it.

What do you write? Are you sure?

I was asked recently what I write about.  What are my favorite kinds of articles to do and what articles do I actually hate writing.  As I thought about that answer, I realized that I both love and hate writing about relationships.  As much as I am a creative writer, I am also a writer about people and their relationships with not just a romantic interest or spouse but also relationships between… Read More »What do you write? Are you sure?