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Chicken Fried Seitan Recipe

I love being a vegetarian.  It fits my lifestyle and it's what I need to do for my daughter, who has stomach issues. After being asked for the recipe for my breaded Seitan, I thought I'd share it. Making Seitan isn't difficult. In fact once you have made it a few times, you will find that you no longer have any desire to pay the high prices for it in the… Read More »Chicken Fried Seitan Recipe
Lyme Disease isnt Real

My Lyme Story

Through the years I’ve told my Lyme Disease story many times. But recently a new friend of mine asked me to tell her about Lyme and my story, and I realized that maybe I should tell it again.  Getting the information out and telling my story helps to bring understanding and maybe even a step closer to finding a cure for this deadly disease. How it began I was bitten… Read More »My Lyme Story

Morning Madness

“I have so much to do, how am I ever going to get everything done?”  My own inner voice chanted as the traffic and weather cycled through the morning announcements on the radio once more.  I knew I had to get up, get moving, and start to tackle the things on my list.  My eyelids still swollen heavy from sleep slowly slid up and searched for light to recognize that… Read More »Morning Madness