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I’m Exhausted!

We flew home last night from Ft. Lauderdale after an exciting and fun filled cruise to the Caribbean. But the flight home was both terrifying and long. We left sunny Florida and thought we'd get home and get unpacked and ready to jump back to work.  Not so much. Note: The Ft. Lauderdale airport feels like it doesn't even belong in the US.  It is old, dirty, and apparently waiting… Read More »I’m Exhausted!

Ready to go? What about tipping?

These days, knowing how much isn't even the real problem. Who carries cash anymore if they are in an area that widely accepts credit cards? If you do have cash, is it enough to cover a whole day's worth of eating out or going to a spa? What if your car breaks down?
Travel quote - Rumi

Ready to go Again

December was a crazy month. With travel to both Arizona and Maryland, we were gone a lot. But now I am back at my desk and it feels like I am already itching for another adventure. Maybe it’s the snowy skies and sweater weather, but I am ready to get out of here and hit the beach. That’s the hard thing about traveling so much, when you get home you… Read More »Ready to go Again