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Coffee Find- Caffe Fiore in Old Ballard, Washington

Located in Ballard, one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, Caffe Fiore sits right off the main road on  5405 Leary Ave. Park your car, get out and walk around the winding streets in the neighborhood. There are charming boutiques, hip artist shops, and cozy pubs to explore.


Review- Townie in Berkley, California

One of my best friends, Nic, lives in Berkley and knows my love of coffee and pointed out a place that he hadn’t tried yet but hoped I would enjoy. Sure enough, Townie was one of my FAVORITE Berkley hot spots, not for the bar but for the coffee.

My Travel Guide Didn’t Say THAT!

Before I head out on a new travel adventure, I like to look through the travel guides to see what recommendations I should make sure are on my list of MUST DO’s.  They are usually a great way to make sure you can fill your itinerary with local highlights. I love being a tourist and seeing the treasures of a town as well as an explorer and discovering local favorites… Read More »My Travel Guide Didn’t Say THAT!