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Time for Hummmus

Not sure if it was mitzvah or madness, but I stopped today on my way back to the hotel and had a lovely conversation with a homeless woman and her dog, Hummmus. ( Yes, that’s how she wants to spell it )


Thoughts from the Window Seat – Southwest VS Alaska

This week I am flying Alaska Airlines.  It is a little different from my normal Southwest routine. The flights aren’t much different in cost, so I wanted to give it a try. But I did notice a few key differences than could possibly help you to make a better choice between Alaska and Southwest for your next flight.

Tasting Thai food

Tasting Thai in Issaquah, Washington

I love Thai food. The complex combinations of tart, savory, and spice are marvelous and I could eat Thai food every day. Being a Pescatarian – a vegetarian who eats fish occasionally, Thai is an easy place to dine. Most Thai restaurants will make your dishes vegetarian with tofu easily upon request.