Falling for Fall

There are few seasons l like more than summer, but Fall is quickly starting feel like the place where I want to be. It's growing on me, year after year I find something else that draws me into the embrace of Fall's enchantment. Summer was my season. I love the warm lazy days, sleeping in late, and don't forget the fireflies.  Summer has it's own vacation title, people go away… Read More »Falling for Fall

Down the Coast and The Long Sleep

I love the beauty of the words and depths of descriptions. Fantastic writing! I long to be there and see Dalkey for myself. I love Musings and Creations and I know you will as well.
The Yin Yang of My Year -2015 review

The Ying and Yang of my Year

I look back at last 12 months, and I shake my head. It’s been exhausting. The year moved strangely, at speeds where I could barely keep up and times so slow that I begged for the day to end, to let me sleep and dissolve some of the stress away. 2015 was powerful for me, unlike some other years where I can barely remember much, this one will stand looming over my grave. I’ve had moments that have changed my life, changed who I thought I was, and who I will be in the future this year. I am thankful for this and also so fiercely angry that I can barely breath without screaming.