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What do you write? Are you sure?

I was asked recently what I write about.  What are my favorite kinds of articles to do and what articles do I actually hate writing.  As I thought about that answer, I realized that I both love and hate writing about relationships.  As much as I am a creative writer, I am also a writer about people and their relationships with not…


Thoughts About Being Called An Expert

  I was recently requested to join a team of other writers who contribute their writing talents to a very well-known web group. When the request first came in, I initially rejected it. I am a writer, I write because that is my passion and who I am. But when I thought about it more, the offer and the possibilities…

Take ownership of your title

Owning Your Title

As my writing career has begun to shift lately I’ve been amazed at how my titles have also changed. It wasn’t so long ago that my only claim to fame was once being a pre-school teacher and my fans were really just 2 year olds who loved my monster noises and snack time. I have always thought of myself as…

cleaning up

Cleaning up your Blogging Act

When I started blogging a few years ago I was a wild child. I ran through the internet writing about everything and anything with reckless abandon. I wrote short stories, recipes, advice columns, trip blogs, health pieces, you name it and I tried to write it. What happened to my blog, as happens with so many others is that it…


Reading to Write – Reading challenge

One of the biggest tips I have ever heard about writing is that you need read.  Reading gives you inspiration, guides, and it even will influence your style.  Reading helps to  expand your vocabulary and gives you a world of inspiration.  Anne E. Cunningham’s paper What Reading Does for the Mind explains that reading, in general, makes you smarter and keeps…


Why You Need a Media Kit and How to Make One

Featured on BlogHer.com. You’ve set up your blog, picked out colors, wrote the About Me section, and you have started writing your blog in hopes of taking your writing from a simple hobby to something more. But bloggers often overlook one of the most important pages you will write, your media kit. This basic page is the first thing you…


Ready to start a blog?

Why Blog anyways? There are so many reasons that people are choosing to become bloggers.  There are just as many types of blogs out there as there are bloggers. From the Mommy bloggers to the Photo journalists, everyone is looking to carve out a place on the internet as their own. Blogging can be a great way to help a…


Changing Focus and Gaining Strength as a Blogger

Many of us start our blogs as diaries, a place carved out on the web for our dreams, thoughts, sometimes rants, and a few crazy memes. These blogs are created by the hour, last for a while, and usually die in a year or so.  However the blogs need focus, and a purpose.  You won’t create a blog that people…


Making Money as a Blogger

#AD       Being a writer is a dream. I love every moment that I get the chance to sit down and write something wonderful.  I don’t ever write for the money, I write because I love the art and craft of being a writer. As a blogger I have the challenge of not only coming up with regular…

Books that heal.

Books that Change Lives

There are books that you read that you feel a deep connection to.  Some have even said that books have changed their lives. A good book will inspire, perhaps give suggestion on how to become a better spouse, parent, business person, ect.  Life changing books have been said to bring people out of depression or guide their grieving process. When my best friend died…


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