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Blogging Rules - 5 Things You Must Do Before You Press Sumbit on Your Blog

Don’t Press Publish Unless You Do These 5 Things

As bloggers, we get excited about the things we write and all too often we rush to hit publish before we are really ready to go. Before you publish your next blog post, make sure you've done these 5 things to ensure your blog is successful! Proofraed   Proofread! It never fails, I read my work, even hit spellcheck, and it isn't until I read it on my blog that I… Read More »Don’t Press Publish Unless You Do These 5 Things

Interact with us on Facebook!

I really want to thank everyone who has taken the time from your busy lives to read and be a part of  this blog. I always feel so blessed when I see your comments and know you are still out there. Some of you have connected already through Facebook and I love seeing your names pop up. We have some great conversations. Dancing with Fireflies is also on Facebook.  There we have… Read More »Interact with us on Facebook!
Feelings - They are just as important as air and water, but we are told to ignore them when they don't please other people.

Thoughts on Growing Up.

I’m not always easy, in fact I am a difficult pain in the ass. But it is who I am and something I am completely at peace with being. I see things in black and white sometimes. Not because I am a hard-ass and just want things my way, but because it is my coping mechanism for dealing with stressful situations that require an answer or a direction. Some people… Read More »Thoughts on Growing Up.