Ugly Lyme

Some days I am horrified by the stories of Lyme Disease. I belong to a couple Facebook support groups for people living with Lyme like myself. And sometimes it's just too much, and I have to walk away. Lyme is so ugly, and what it does people's mental health is just awful. Lyme doesn't take pity. “I’ve shit my pants so many times in so many unfortunate situations.“ I read… Read More »Ugly Lyme

Happily Not Sad

I didn't think the day would ever come when my tears would dry and when I thought of him, I wouldn't beg for one more day... one more laugh... one more "I love you."

My Travel Guide Didn’t Say THAT!

Before I head out on a new travel adventure, I like to look through the travel guides to see what recommendations I should make sure are on my list of MUST DO's.  They are usually a great way to make sure you can fill your itinerary with local highlights. I love being a tourist and seeing the treasures of a town as well as an explorer and discovering local favorites… Read More »My Travel Guide Didn’t Say THAT!