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Change – Grace Lee Boggs

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We can begin by doing small things at the local level, like planting community gardens or looking out out for our neighbors.  That is how change takes place in living systems – not from above – but from within, from many local actions occurring simultaneously. – Grace Lee Boggs

When you feel it.. you’ll know.

Do you know what faith is? Are you religious or do you follow the traditions of religion because it is more of a family tradition? For many people religion and faith is a hot topic. And like most hot topics, we writers love to dip into the heat and pull out something to write about. I struggle with religion and the concept of G*D and belief systems. But I find… Read More »When you feel it.. you’ll know.

Goodbye Guilt

Today as I sat on my front porch enjoying the peaceful rush of water over the rocks and the sweet sound of birds calling like enchanted lovers to one another I realized that by embracing the good in my life, the negative can not take hold and guide me anywhere I do not want to be.  It’s my choice to be angry over things I can not control and in… Read More »Goodbye Guilt

DWF Special Feature: Bartholomew Korbyn’s Dreamer Series

Introduction               Well my friends, to introduce myself first, my name is Bartholomew Korbyn and I have taken up the simple task of writing about many an inspiration in my humble life, and inspiration, dreams and their importance in the bigger picture in many of the lives of you, my friends, reading these words. As the first step this set of articles will focus on the importance of dreaming… Read More »DWF Special Feature: Bartholomew Korbyn’s Dreamer Series