cbd tea latte

Start Your Day With Ahh! Recipe: Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte

I love starting my day off knowing that I can do something simple to control how I feel, improve my health, and give myself a little self-care each morning. You can even incorporate a few minutes of mindfulness while you wait for your tea to steep.  Take a few minutes to calm yourself, practice your breathing exercises, and set your intention for the day.

Goat Cheese and Chocolate Balsamic glazed veggie burgers

Dinner is my favorite time to create.  I put on some music, sip a little wine, and let the aromas of the kitchen come to life.  But sometimes I don't feel like spending an hour or more in the kitchen and something quick fits much better. So something as simple as a burger can become even better with some time and effort. One night I felt creative, looking through the… Read More »Goat Cheese and Chocolate Balsamic glazed veggie burgers
Chermoula Salmon

5 Recipes To Wow Holiday Guests

A special word of thanks to our sponsors Piquant Post and RawSpiceBar for the use of these great recipes as well as sponsoring my little blog. If you purchase through my links I will make a small commision and we can all do a little happy dance. Thanks! Every year I scour through the recipes blogs, magazines, cookbooks, and look at the backs of boxes to find the best recipes for… Read More »5 Recipes To Wow Holiday Guests