Where and then feast

“Where and then feast have we sat together but to build and pray. Have words smelled of color that wrap in winters breath as we lie in tranquill. When, in the peace of time, does the sound breathe. Together, lost in love and patience…..”

~ Lance Kassle November ’04

The world lost an amazing artist of words this week. 

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Flickering Lights

I love this because I am one of those people who also love the magic of flickering tiny lights.  They remind me of fireflies dancing in the fields to music only they can feel deep in their beings. Please enjoy Flickering Lights. […]

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As The Ducks Paddle Along -A Terzanelle

I love this poem about the lovely geese that used to swim with their babies on the lake by my house. This was a fun challenge and I am enjoying the great responses!

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I will still be here..

“I have known her longer, my smile said. True, you have been inside the circle of her arms, tasted her mouth, felt the warmth of her, and that is something I have never had. But there is a part of her that […]

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Love’s Conflict

I love the dance and flow of this delightful piece from Traveling In The Mind. Read and let us know your thoughts.

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