God, I really hate selfies. I hate taking them.  I don't mind looking at them once in a while, but if you post more than one selfie a week, you need to stop, really.. just freaking stop. I actually don't really even like having my photo taken. I am ridiculously un-photogenic. I mean I can dress nice, stand how I am supposed to stand, think I look kind of cute.… Read More »Selfies

Wordless Wednesday – Happy Jack

Don't you wish that you could wake up with the same energy and excitement about life as a toddler? This is Jack, and his sweetness and thrill to just be alive is so infectious that you have to smile. Enjoy, take time to smile at the moments that count and ignore the ones that don't.

Wordless Wednesday Mission – Feels like Summer

Here's a photo I took of my daughter last summer.  She's just a beautiful and unusual girl, I love taking photos of her. This week I want you to find a photo, piece of art, or something that reminds you of summer. Post it on your blog or and share your link here. Don't have a blog yet? No worries, just share your photos on our new Facebook page!  I'll share my… Read More »Wordless Wednesday Mission – Feels like Summer