Overcoming Lyme Disease by Taking Away Its Power.

There’s been a lot of talk about Lyme disease after a few celebrity voices have come forward speaking about their experiences with this complicated disease.  May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month,  I hope that perhaps one of these celebrity voices with their money and influence will somehow have discovered something new that will actually help the hundreds of thousands of people suffering.  (This post includes affiliate links. Should you click… Read More »Overcoming Lyme Disease by Taking Away Its Power.

Mindfulness Monday – More Than Meditation

  Be Here. Now. It seems as simple as trying to center your thoughts and yet it is complex, harder than it looks, and much more difficult than just pulling your head out of your… well.  You know. The act of living in the moment and practicing mindful meditation is powerful. It is everything we need for living in this chaotic and sometimes terrifying world. But what is it and… Read More »Mindfulness Monday – More Than Meditation