Mindfulness Monday -No Good


Sometimes I'm no good

at writing poems.

I tend to lie

about what seems to rhyme.

Sometimes I am just terrible

   and can't find the words

I have a mean temper

   when writing poetry.

What does that say about me?

   that poems seem so hard?

Sometimes I'm no good

   at being a Poet.


I wrote this poem back in 2014 as part of a creative writing experiment. I remember being frustrated about spending time on poems when I didn't enjoy them. As a result, I struggled with this portion of the creative writing group I was in. I procratinated and I was annoyed at having to do the poem.

I can see the frustration in the poem.  But deeper, it wasn't really about writing the poem, but something different. Do you see?

Do you write poetry? I have a few that I like. But to be honest, I am not a huge poetry fan.  I like to get to the point as I get older.  I think I enjoyed it more when I was younger and found being vague exotic and creative.

Today, I want you to think about how you express yourself. When you are talking with someone, take a moment to consider what you are going to say before you say it. Listen with mindfulness intent on hearing everything including the sound, the inflection, and the ideas expressed.

The deeper we move into mindfulness, the more we look at the little things. What brings us joy and what actually annoys us just a little is brought to the surface. Not placing judgment on it, but putting value to the thought.

In your meditation, do you have a mantra?  Some people have poems they recite in their minds.  Maybe a power statement.  This is an expression of self.

Let's talk.  Do you enjoy poetry?  What's your favorite?  What's your meditation mantra?


Truthfully, I really don’t like poetry.

I know.. I know.. I am a girl, I am supposed to like butterflies, rainbows, and poems.  I am supposed to have looked for a guy who likes long walks on the beach, making me dinner, and whispering sweet quotes into my ear as I drift off to sleep.  And I might get kicked out of the girl club for saying this, but I really can't stand poems.

April is National Poetry month.  All across the blogosphere people are giving their best shots at being a poet for the month.  Hell, even I did a challenge where I tried to lay down some poety stuff.. it sucked.. I sucked for writing it. I am pretty sure part of me died that day and at the minimum a large portion of my writing cred when down the drain.

I have given poetry a real chance.  In fact, Rumi is pretty awesome and I enjoyed a few of his poems like The Guest House. But it's rare for me to find a poem that I actually like.

So what is it that I despise so much about poetry?

I hate having to decipher what the hell the writer is talking about.  I am not a fan of the style of writing that poems like to follow.  I really don't like that I feel like I suck as a woman for not liking poetry.

Now I do actually like butterflies… they are cool, like little flying flowers that actually eat other bugs. “HA! NOT A FLOWER. NOW MEET YOUR DOOM!”

Rainbows are interesting.  You don't see them everyday… well, unless you are doing a pride thing.. or a gnome on a unicorn.. or.. never mind.. you could see them every day if you want.

I am not looking for a guy who likes long walks on the beach, my hubby has the attention span of a goldfish once we get to the beach.  He can handle about a minute walking in the sand before he's trying to figure out what's next and how long I want to be there, maybe even how long he has to pretend he's having a good time before I will let him do something else he actually wants to do. So I let him go make the dinner plans on his laptop while I enjoy the wind and water.

As for whispering sweet quotes into my ear as I drift off to sleep, that's just creepy… really.. it's weird.


So, are you a poet and know it?  Tell me why you like poetry!

Do you have a poem that you think might change my mind about poetry? Share it!
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