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Moving is a PAIN! -BioFreeze Review

. Wow, I am exhausted and everything hurts. This week, Hubby and I packed up everything we owned, loaded up a giant truck and moved back to the East Coast. What didn’t fit into the truck or the pod was given, donated, or trashed. Hubby and our dog Riley, along with a friend, drove for 4 days across the country while Wynter and I flew. Even though I went by… Read More »Moving is a PAIN! -BioFreeze Review


The Future of DWF

Change is never easy.  I’m one of those people who both love and hate change. I love the possibilities, encourage change, and I can see that moving forward would really do amazing things for this blog’s future and my writing career. But now moving forward, it is also scary to think of having to start something new, build new followers, the unknown. WordPress was my first blog platform.  No, LiveJournal… Read More »The Future of DWF