moving on

Happily Not Sad

I didn't think the day would ever come when my tears would dry and when I thought of him, I wouldn't beg for one more day... one more laugh... one more "I love you."
You are NOT your Past

You are NOT your Past

I struggle sometime when I feel like I am looking forward so far that I have forgotten my past. I feel pangs of guilt that try to smother my joy. But that is not me following my spark, that is me chasing my past. Most days I wake up, push my eyes open and look around wondering for a brief moment where I am. Sometimes it is hard to pull… Read More »You are NOT your Past


She loved hummingbirds. We always had feeders filled with sugar water tinted ruby red for her little friends.  My Gram would point them out, knew them all by their colors and personalities. I always loved the blue and green ones the best. Sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs, she’d sip her iced tea and watch the little guys come buzzing up to the feeders. She had two… Read More »Hummingbirds

When Life Pressed Pause

There are moments when you just have to stop and look around to see where you are.  Sometimes I feel like I am always moving, life is passing by so quickly and I really just need to pause and look around to see where I have landed.  Have I any idea where I am going? Most of the time, yes.. I know where I am going and move one day… Read More »When Life Pressed Pause