5 Things You Should Forgive Yourself For, but probaly wont.

I am the bearer of guilt. Not just growing up guilt that we are all given as children, but the guilt I gave to myself. I don’t believe that self-guilt is primarily a woman’s affliction.  Women are the loudest about their burdens. We like to talk about them, regret things, and ponder them out loud for discussion. While men tend to clam up and silently carry around their guilt. However,… Read More »5 Things You Should Forgive Yourself For, but probaly wont.

Where has the time gone?

This weekend was Mother’s Day and all around people were making social media posts about their Moms, the park was filled with BBQs and flowers for the lucky moms.  And for a few minutes, I spoke with all of my children.  As I had some time to reflect, I wondered where the time had gone from my children being toddlers to wondering if they would remember to call. I remember… Read More »Where has the time gone?

My Truth about Yoga

  I’ll admit it. I love yoga, really.  I love the music, the movement, and especially the nap at the end.  I actually enjoy getting into that meditative place and finding comfort in the pain as I stretch out tired muscles and move forward to the next pose. Yoga is incredibly therapeutic. Many mornings I will get up earlier than the rest of the family and go out to the… Read More »My Truth about Yoga

Brave girls and Dresses

  My daughter is a GIRLY girl. She's the kind of teenage girl that works each day like a fashion show. From shoes to hair, she plans out her outfits to match some sort of theme she's going with for the week. I love it. Even though it is as far from the girl I was at her age, I love that she embraces her feminine spirit and loves being… Read More »Brave girls and Dresses

The Unicorn- My Surrogacy Story

First of all, it is a TOTAL honor to be here! I have never been asked to be a guest blogger before – and it is oh so humbling and exciting! This is my story of how a community came together through Surrogacy. Crysta and I met in Washington state a few years ago. We were neighbors. Both new to the area. Crysta LOVES babies, and well, I had just… Read More »The Unicorn- My Surrogacy Story