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Southern Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy – Memories and recipes

Why Biscuits and Gravy Bring Me Back To My Roots When I was little, I lived with my Great-Grandmother, my “Gram.” She was born and raised in rural Tennessee.  Born in the “Hallow” in a two-room house. They kept warm in the winter with a woodstove and sharing the feather bed with her sisters. Growing up with her I have gifted this incredible culture of gardening for your own food,… Read More »Southern Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy – Memories and recipes

Goat Cheese and Chocolate Balsamic glazed veggie burgers

Dinner is my favorite time to create.  I put on some music, sip a little wine, and let the aromas of the kitchen come to life.  But sometimes I don’t feel like spending an hour or more in the kitchen and something quick fits much better. So something as simple as a burger can become even better with some time and effort. One night I felt creative, looking through the… Read More »Goat Cheese and Chocolate Balsamic glazed veggie burgers

My Truth about Yoga

  I’ll admit it. I love yoga, really.  I love the music, the movement, and especially the nap at the end.  I actually enjoy getting into that meditative place and finding comfort in the pain as I stretch out tired muscles and move forward to the next pose. Yoga is incredibly therapeutic. Many mornings I will get up earlier than the rest of the family and go out to the… Read More »My Truth about Yoga

Let it Linger

There have been times that I truly wish could have lingered on a little longer. Moments when I knew this was one of the best moments of my life and I wanted to hold on to them. Sometimes in daydreams I go back in time, trying to feel that specialness again. They sit on the protected shelves in the halls of my memories and from time to time I take… Read More »Let it Linger