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Mindfulness Monday – Self-Love

When starting a practice of mindfulness, you must first begin with Self-Love. Without loving yourself, giving attention to your needs, you lose most of the value of mindfulness. It isn’t selfish or conceitedness to put value in yourself. Practicing Self-Love means that you are tending to your own well-being. Self-love is important because it affects how you feel, how the world sees you, and even your physical health. Your home… Read More »Mindfulness Monday – Self-Love

You are NOT your Past

You are NOT your Past

I struggle sometime when I feel like I am looking forward so far that I have forgotten my past. I feel pangs of guilt that try to smother my joy. But that is not me following my spark, that is me chasing my past. Most days I wake up, push my eyes open and look around wondering for a brief moment where I am. Sometimes it is hard to pull… Read More »You are NOT your Past