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Living a happy life

I think we all look for it, like the elusive unicorn. Happiness for many feels like something just on the tip of our fingertips, so close but some are just unable to grasp it fully. For some, they grasp so tight in a panic that they will never feel anything like it again, that they smother it. I was one of those people for a long long time. I had… Read More »Living a happy life

Return to me.

My heart clenches as the seconds click by, closer and closer to that moment when I know that there’s nothing left to do but hold your breath to keep from crying. I hate that I cry.  I just want to hold on tight, pull you against me so that you won’t leave.  I need you to stay, I need you to keep me from feeling as if I am a… Read More »Return to me.

Through The Morning Window

The sun breaks through the bones of the winter trees warming stubborn birds that don’t seem to care about the bitter wind. It is still, cool and quiet, the rush has already passed.  Morning commuters have already stumbled through their morning routines of coffee and emails. Now the calm returns and the rows of houses sit quiet again. The pale turquoise chalk board above begins to come to life with… Read More »Through The Morning Window