Time for Hummmus

Not sure if it was mitzvah or madness, but I stopped today on my way back to the hotel and had a lovely conversation with a homeless woman and her dog, Hummmus. ( Yes, that's how she wants to spell it )

My Travel Guide Didn’t Say THAT!

Before I head out on a new travel adventure, I like to look through the travel guides to see what recommendations I should make sure are on my list of MUST DO's.  They are usually a great way to make sure you can fill your itinerary with local highlights. I love being a tourist and seeing the treasures of a town as well as an explorer and discovering local favorites… Read More »My Travel Guide Didn’t Say THAT!

Because it feels good, be kind

I don't think we really need reasons to be kind, to do something for someone else.  But I see people all the time talking about paying it forward, giving for the season, or helping others as a community project. When I was younger, in what seems like a completely different lifetime, I was in a really difficult place in my life.  I had no money and hope wasn't very strong… Read More »Because it feels good, be kind