Firefly Review: Bach Flower Remedies – Hornbeam

  Do you hate Mondays? Have you had enough of winter and want to nap in the sun? Or maybe you are just mentally exhausted.  Maybe you need some Hornbeam! Want to crawl back into bed until June? Maybe you need Hornbeam essence Flower Remedies have been around for many years. In England, Dr. Bach in the 1930’s believed that our emotional state was the cause of physical health problems.… Read More »Firefly Review: Bach Flower Remedies – Hornbeam

Hemp Happy Smoothies

Dark green, grassy, and just a hint of something familiar, we gave CannaTrust’s Hemp Extracts a try this week, and we learned so much about hemp and whole plant extracts.  Thanks to CannaTrust for sending us their dietary supplements for us to review for you! What is Hemp Extract? Hemp extract is made from agricultural hemp. The extract is made from the seeds and stalks from the hemp plant.  It… Read More »Hemp Happy Smoothies

Firefly Review: Bach Flower Remedies – Beech

  Have you ever felt just critical, dissatisfied,  or intolerant of other people? Sometimes I find myself irritable and I struggle seeing only the negative side of things. When things seem out of sync, I know I become easily annoyed by the small things. Starting to hate people? There's help for that! – Beech essence Have you almost snapped someone's head off for not putting the dishes in the dishwasher? Beech… Read More »Firefly Review: Bach Flower Remedies – Beech