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Christmas is for Everyone, even you. – Written by an Ex-Christmas Hater

It takes real effort not to participate in Christmas, I know.. I’ve actually tried for years. But the truth is, much like other holidays you don’t have to follow a certain religion to be a part of it. You simply have to let go and be ready to be happy. As a child and most of my adult life, I have not just disliked Christmas, I have used the word… Read More »Christmas is for Everyone, even you. – Written by an Ex-Christmas Hater

Moving into the darker months with Lyme Disease

Halloween is my favorite time of the year.  I love all things Halloween, the decorations, scary movies, and the candy!  But unfortunately, as Halloween grows closer, the weather gets cold.   And while I know that cold weather doesn't really bring on colds, the crazy weather does bring on migraines and sinus issues. I've been having a few Lymie issues due to the weather.  Headaches are the worst part.  Living with aches and… Read More »Moving into the darker months with Lyme Disease

My Awesome Hanukkah Gift

The first night of Hanukkah 2017 has come and gone.  In our family we exchange the gifts on the first night and take the rest of the week to enjoy family time and doing things together. Our children are mostly grown and off on their own, so it isn't as big as it was when they were little. But I want to tell you about a special gift I received… Read More »My Awesome Hanukkah Gift


The beauty of these words, the images that dance in our heads as we think of this time of color and life, all of it combine to make an incredible post well worth sharing. If you love this as much as I did, please visit Fusion Beats and read more.  

Guest Blogger- Jann Alexander “Holiday Expectations”

Holiday Expectations Really Get Me Down What you're most expecting doesn't happen until you're least expecting it. I was so certain I'd have those cowgirl boots under the Christmas tree that year. After all, I'd wanted them really badly last year, I'd made that clear to Santa and my parents and whomever else might have been listening, and they hadn't appeared. So I'd been extra special good the whole next… Read More »Guest Blogger- Jann Alexander “Holiday Expectations”