The Arrival of the Red Cardinal

Spring is here, Earth Day right around the corner.   We are back in Maryland this spring, building our dream house.  I ache to get in the garden, to start creating something new and to watch it blossom into something beautiful. Winter is difficult for me, I struggle with the lack of light and the endless cold. The light grows dim as the winter months drag on and I sit beneath… Read More »The Arrival of the Red Cardinal

Dear 60 Year Old Me,

Dear 60-Year-Old Me, I want to take a moment to talk to you about how amazing you must be for all that you have come through. I find it hard to think about who you must be, where in the world you have gone, and how amazing life must be. Who did you meet?  What adventures have taken you places I haven’t been yet? I thought 40 was a big… Read More »Dear 60 Year Old Me,

11 Incredible Proven Benefits of Green Tea

It's Tea Time again! We have another follow-up post in our Tea Time series.  Today we are talking about Green Tea and how healthy it is for your mind and body. From decreasing your risk for certain types of cancers to helping you lose unhealthy body fat, green tea is a powerhouse. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. Green tea… Read More »11 Incredible Proven Benefits of Green Tea

5 Astonishing Facts About White Tea

Making time for tea is not only improving our mindfulness and relationships, but it is also working to bring our bodies into a better state of health. White tea has so many excellent health benefits that it's our first focus tea in our Tea Time series. What is White Tea? The least oxidized of all tea types, White tea comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant, but white tea has… Read More »5 Astonishing Facts About White Tea

The Key To Unlocking Flawless Skin After 40 Isn’t What You Think

Essential oils have been around for a very long time. But Face Oils are a new trend that combines the natural healing of essential oils and the ability to customize your beauty routine. Healthy young-looking skin is the dream most of us over 40 look to our beauty routine to attain. Beyond a healthy diet and lifestyle, we also need to make sure our skin has all of the vitamins… Read More »The Key To Unlocking Flawless Skin After 40 Isn’t What You Think