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Tonight, i wont write about love – Kushtrim Thaqi

This week we have been thinking about slowing down from the summer craziness and finding a new fall routine. Today I want to share poetry, the theme largely inspired by the works of this week's Blogger of the Week Kushtrim Thaqi. This a special piece that I especially loved from his blog – http://kushtrimthaqi.com/. I am thrilled to present to you Kushtrim Thaqi‘s incredible poetry.   Tonight, i wont write about love. Tonight,… Read More »Tonight, i wont write about love – Kushtrim Thaqi


I loved having Hannah Brooklyn guest blog for us.  She has some great ideas for the best foods to eat when the weather is scorching!  So while we are enjoying this summer weather, please enjoy this guest post. Summer comes along with a rich variety of food and fruits that are good for your body. Scientists for years have bombarded us with information that encourages us to eat plenty of… Read More »SUPER FOODS TO EAT IN SUMMER

Thoughts on Dry Gagging

I have a special friend who lives with Depression. There are days when I wake up wondering if he will still be alive when I go to check on him on Facebook. I know a few people with clinical depression. But he is the one that I watch the most.
Guest Blogger - Eric Carrell

Best Street Foods in Southeast Asia – Eric Carrell

This week I am thrilled to have Eric Carrell from True North Athletics, guest blogging for us. I hope you will enjoy his article on the best street foods to be found in Southeast Asia as much as I have. Best Street Foods in Southeast Asia A region known for its mouth-watering explosion of flavours, Southeast Asia offers a huge variety of street food based on traditional recipes. Truly authentic… Read More »Best Street Foods in Southeast Asia – Eric Carrell