Where and then feast

"Where and then feast have we sat together but to build and pray. Have words smelled of color that wrap in winters breath as we lie in tranquill. When, in the peace of time, does the sound breathe. Together, lost in love and patience....." ~ Lance Kassle November '04

The world lost an amazing artist of words this week. 

Living with Grief and Lyme Disease – passing milestones

In 2012 my best friend and adopted brother, Lance was killed in an accident involving a distracted driver and his motorcycle. His devastating loss and my grief sent me into spirals. It was the first time I had to deal with both my disease and the emotional stress of losing a loved on. That year was brutal and I struggled to know how to cope. I turned to writing in… Read More »Living with Grief and Lyme Disease – passing milestones
Cope With Grief

Healthy Ways Of Coping With Grief During The Holidays

The news for the last month has been heartbreaking. From the mass shootings taking the lives of innocent people completely unaware that their lives were in jeopardy, the terrible deadly wildfires in California, and so much more, I feel like we are all in a state of grief this year as we approach the holidays. So how do we move on? How are we supposed to celebrate and be happy,… Read More »Healthy Ways Of Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Perhaps today will snow

I knew something was different that day.  I wasn’t sure what it was, perhaps the weather was about to change again, perhaps there would be snow. Yes, that would be a welcome change from this hot and sticky air. All day I went to the window and looked out and waited for the dark skies to come and bring the fantastic feathers of cold down and soon the green sticky… Read More »Perhaps today will snow

Tomorrow will be Kinder – A look back at grief

I listened to this amazing song this morning on my walk this morning. I just needed to clear my head and find a trace of what my new normal might feel like. Wynter and I just walked and let the early morning settle over my tear swollen eyes. The fearful believe that 2012 was going to be the end of the world, part of me wants it to be true so I never have to suffer this loss again. Yet I know that likely life will go on and I am starting to believe it is simply the end of the life we knew. My life will be forever different and better for having the time I had with Lance, my dearest and oldest friend and brother. So.. here's the song that seemed to be heaven-sent to me this morning as I start my journey.