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vegetarian biscuit and gravy recipe

Southern Vegetarian: My Grandmother’s Biscuit and Gravy Recipe Revisited

True or false: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I think it’s the best way to kick off the weekend.  But I don’t always have time for a big breakfast during the workweek.  That’s why I like to take my time on Saturday mornings, before the Farmer’s Market to make a big batch of Biscuits and Gravy. Click HERE to go to the recipe   Why Biscuits… Read More »Southern Vegetarian: My Grandmother’s Biscuit and Gravy Recipe Revisited

The 9’s

I should tell you what exactly the 9’s are.  The 9’s are 19,29,39,49 ect…  that year before the big change in your life.  That year when you try to wrap it all up and make it look like the last 9 years you spent doing something lasting and memorable, those are the 9’s.


She loved hummingbirds. We always had feeders filled with sugar water tinted ruby red for her little friends.  My Gram would point them out, knew them all by their colors and personalities. I always loved the blue and green ones the best. Sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs, she’d sip her iced tea and watch the little guys come buzzing up to the feeders. She had two… Read More »Hummingbirds


When I was little my best friend was old. Not just older, she was OLD. In fact she was my best friend until I was an adult and the whole time I knew her she was old. But not old and boring, she was far from that. I mean she was from a different place in time old. I loved her so much that I adopted being old for myself. We… Read More »Old