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Reaching For Comfort in Food – GF and Veggie

Many people are searching for comfort. I know that some are also looking for something that might sooth their families bellies and fears.  I hope these recipes bring both.

gluten free breakfast recipes

Easy Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is one of those meals that I could eat any time of day.  I HATE mornings, so when I have to get up early I want food that is simple, hot, and doesn’t make too much of a mess.
These three recipes made in cupcake tins are perfect for making ahead of time and popping in the microwave on the way to the airport.

Feel Better Mocha Vanilla Chocolate Cups

Fighting Lyme Disease is hard. You have both physical pain and a lot of muscle weakness to deal with. So it is easy to gain weight and harder to lose it.  I’ve been working with a great physical therapist since my surgery in December. But it’s clear that I have a long road to go.