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Sassy Succulents- How To Make A Tiny Succulent Garden

I love succulents. They are so adorable and I have them all through my house. One of the reasons I adore having them around is that they give the room a fresh living feel without the fuss that other plants often require. Today I wanted to change up my succulents, give them some new personality. While I was at the garden store recently I found a few little things that I… Read More »Sassy Succulents- How To Make A Tiny Succulent Garden


She loved hummingbirds. We always had feeders filled with sugar water tinted ruby red for her little friends.  My Gram would point them out, knew them all by their colors and personalities. I always loved the blue and green ones the best. Sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs, she’d sip her iced tea and watch the little guys come buzzing up to the feeders. She had two… Read More »Hummingbirds