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Thoughts on Dry Gagging – fighting depression

I have a special friend who lives with Depression. There are days when I wake up wondering if he will still be alive when I go to check on him on Facebook. I know a few people with clinical depression. But he is the one that I watch the most.

Cope With Grief

7 Things You Need To Know About Traveling With An Introvert

Recently on a long flight from Seattle to Baltimore, I realized that that traveling with an introvert like myself can be a puzzle for many who might not understand the complexity of an introvert’s mind. Even though we love to travel and explore the world, we also have some special requirements in order to prevent us from just getting overwhelmed and having a breakdown. Being an introvert doesn’t mean we… Read More »7 Things You Need To Know About Traveling With An Introvert

Mindfulness Moment: Accepting Friendship

  This year as we focus on mindfulness I want you to stop and think about the beautiful relationships in your life. I am blessed with some incredible and beautiful relationships that have enriched my life and made me appreciate each day. Being part of the NOW also means appreciating the positive influences in your life. I know that there are so many people out there looking for the perfect mate… Read More »Mindfulness Moment: Accepting Friendship

Brave girls and Dresses

  My daughter is a GIRLY girl. She’s the kind of teenage girl that works each day like a fashion show. From shoes to hair, she plans out her outfits to match some sort of theme she’s going with for the week. I love it. Even though it is as far from the girl I was at her age, I love that she embraces her feminine spirit and loves being… Read More »Brave girls and Dresses