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Gone too soon.

The Boulder County Coroner's Office today identified the motorcyclist killed in a collision with an SUV on 30th Street last week as Lance Gurney, 40. At 4:53 p.m. Aug. 21, a woman driving a 2000 Lexus SUV told police she was pulling out of a private parking lot driveway and attempting to make a left turn onto northbound 30th Street near O'Neal Parkway. She told police she thought she had… Read More »Gone too soon.

Slow sick days

  Ugh, I have the dreaded head cold this week.  I am not feeling like I am getting anything done. I had a few sales this week at the shop that needed my attention and some fine tuning on the website. But I think I am sneezing and blowing my drippy nose more than I am getting anything done. What do you do for a cold?   Here's a peek… Read More »Slow sick days

Let me remember you

Today my week ended differently than it usually does. We spent time at the Har Sinai cemetary with the kids from the synagogue. Honestly this was something I had been trying to get out of doing. I didn't like the idea of spending my day at a cemetary. It seemed depressing and not the way I wanted to end my week. But that wasn't the kind of example I wanted to set for my… Read More »Let me remember you