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Fall is for introverts

Falling for Fall

There are few seasons l like more than summer, but Fall is quickly starting feel like the place where I want to be. It’s growing on me, year after year I find something else that draws me into the embrace of Fall’s enchantment. Summer was my season. I love the warm lazy days, sleeping in late, and don’t forget the fireflies.  Summer has it’s own vacation title, people go away… Read More »Falling for Fall


Latte of the Week: London Fog

It has been raining and snowing for months. In fact this has been one of the wettest and snowiest winters on record in the Seattle area.  And I am done with it!
This week’s Latte is in honor of another cold damp yet wonderful place to visit – London!

Setting The World On Fire – Domestice Abuse

Domestic Abuse Is No Laughing Matter. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Statistics about violence in relationships are both frightening and sad.  I guarantee everyone knows someone in a relationship that is either verbal or physically assaulting. And it isn’t just men who are the abusers, women are just as guilty of throwing a punch, but much less likely to be convicted of it. Domestic violence isn’t limited to just punching… Read More »Setting The World On Fire – Domestice Abuse

love your body and your fat

Fat – The Bull Sh*T Word That We Need To Stop Calling Other People

You know, “Fat” has to be one of the most hateful ugly words. “Fat” and all of its ugly friends not only tears apart the creation of self-esteem but it continues to spread like cancer into the brain. It reaches into those moments where you are the happiest; the most excited, and whispers into your ear.   “Do you really think you are pretty? Maybe, if you lost a few pounds.”… Read More »Fat – The Bull Sh*T Word That We Need To Stop Calling Other People

Why I Write

There are reasons for WHAT I do.  I write because I feel I am.. a Writer. But WHY I walk towards that life is very different. (This post includes affiliate links. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.) “When you know your ‘Why’, your ‘What’ has more impact, because you’re walking in or towards your… Read More »Why I Write