Review: Aji Sushi – Issaquah, Washington

I love sushi. But sushi is an art, and many places just don't do it right.  From making everything fried, stuffed with the same ingredients, overdoing breaded shrimp, and throwing a gallon of sauce on top to smother out the fresh flavor of the fish, many American sushi places just make food, not art.
Tasting Thai food

Tasting Thai in Issaquah, Washington

I love Thai food. The complex combinations of tart, savory, and spice are marvelous and I could eat Thai food every day. Being a Pescatarian – a vegetarian who eats fish occasionally, Thai is an easy place to dine. Most Thai restaurants will make your dishes vegetarian with tofu easily upon request.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

This is recipe is from one of my favorite food bloggers, Le Zoe. Her photos are amazing and the recipes are the best. If you love this recipe, please go check out the other incredible things she has on her blog and tell her we sent you.