I’m Exhausted!

We flew home last night from Ft. Lauderdale after an exciting and fun filled cruise to the Caribbean. But the flight home was both terrifying and long. We left sunny Florida and thought we'd get home and get unpacked and ready to jump back to work.  Not so much. Note: The Ft. Lauderdale airport feels like it doesn't even belong in the US.  It is old, dirty, and apparently waiting… Read More »I’m Exhausted!

Look what I saw while on vacay!

While on vacation in Florida, I happened to spy one of my new sponsors, Pura Vida, in one of the little boutique stores. I had to take a couple photos to show you. Every Pura Vida Bracelet is carefully handcrafted by artisans in Costa Rica. The commitment to their craft is conveyed through the quality of their work. The artisan's dedication to the “pura vida” way of life is demonstrated… Read More »Look what I saw while on vacay!

Gluten Free At Disneyworld

So I've been Gluten Free and Dairy Free for just about a month.  The first couple of weeks were HARD.  I won't lie and say that it's fun or I found great food.  Because I have really struggled. Anyone who has ever had gluten free bread knows that it's like eating thick cardboard.  It is dense, tasteless, and really no fun.  But I'm learning how to navigate my way through being gluten AND dairy free. What… Read More »Gluten Free At Disneyworld