Special Feature: Dancing with Fireflies by David Pikka

Dancing With Fireflies by David Pikka We sing and dance with fireflies Underneath the darkened skies We spot the glow, a second’s grace Then vanished, gone, without a trace A world of lights with silent gleam We thought could only be a dream But nature’s beauty fills our eyes As we sing and dance with fireflies You can find more of David's work here.

Book Review: The Laws of Attraction

This week's book: The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham I am actually a big fan of Esther Hicks and I have wanted to read this book for a while.  So sitting down and actually reading it was a pleasure. Written as more of a dialog between her husband Jerry, who has now crossed over to the non-physical, and the collective known as Abraham. The book… Read More »Book Review: The Laws of Attraction

When to speak up

Sometimes I say everything wrong. There’s something wrong with my brain.  I am pretty sure there’s a little voice in there telling me that what I am saying sounds ok, but really.. he’s out to just screw with me. Thoughts and emotions suck. You try to hold them back, try to play it cool, but sometimes you just have to let loose.  When that dam breaks there is one heck… Read More »When to speak up