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Alert! Dog Families Beware! Another Dog Food Recall

Right now, go look through your pet treats and food and make sure that your pets are no consuming anything made by Big Heart Pet Foods and owned by J.M. Smucker’s.  This popular dog food brands have been found to contain traces of euthanasia drugs, including Pentobarbital, a drug used to euthanize dogs, cats, and horses. Tragically many dogs have already died. What Brand Names To Look For: Evanger’s  Gravy Train, Meow Mix… Read More »Alert! Dog Families Beware! Another Dog Food Recall

Off my Feet

Yesterday I went back to physical therapy for my foot.  I tore one of the tendons in my foot last year and I've been trying to get this thing fixed for a while.  I've had shots in my feet and nothing was working. So for the last 7 weeks I've been going to PT to get it stretched and healed properly.   Yesterday she said that she things I need to… Read More »Off my Feet