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Treating Gingivitis In Dogs With CBD Treats

CBD has potent anti-bacterial properties to fight germs. Cannabidiol (or CBD) gets down deep into the gums and kills the bacteria and prevents infection. It also reduces inflammation and helps to heal the gums. CBD can also boost your dog’s immune system so their bodies can fight off other illnesses.


Wynter’s Review of TruDog treats

This week we are trying TruDog treats.  Hopefully, we will find some that she likes! Wynter is a very picky eater. In fact most of the time she picks through her food and treats to find the perfect bite and will walk away from the others. So finding treats and supplements that she will accept can be hard. Because Wynter is my best friend and I rely on her as my service… Read More »Wynter’s Review of TruDog treats

Fortify Me Review

Wynter’s Review- Fortify Me dog food topper from TruDog

We have another exciting review for you! This time it is for TruDog’s Fortify Me Dog Food Toppers.  We know that many of you have been asking us to do more reviews for healthy pet options and we are thrilled to bring this one to you.  We love your suggestions! So keep them coming! (This post includes affiliate links. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase I… Read More »Wynter’s Review- Fortify Me dog food topper from TruDog

What is going on??

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say I’m SORRY! So, we have some big things happening here with Dancing With Fireflies… starting with a new theme, new setups, and….. a store!  Yep, we are setting up a store.  I am going to be honest, this thing started off as a little idea and a few days ago it got insane. So while I learn how to work with a new… Read More »What is going on??

Time for Hummmus

Not sure if it was mitzvah or madness, but I stopped today on my way back to the hotel and had a lovely conversation with a homeless woman and her dog, Hummmus. ( Yes, that’s how she wants to spell it )