Poet Neil Hilborn “OCD”

Love and pain, beautiful and heartbreaking. Truth. These are dancing words. Poet Neil Hilborn shared his emotional dance with the world. Now around the world people are nodding their heads with tears and cheers for his piece about living and loving with OCD. Neil Hilborn performed ‘OCD' in June during the individual finals at the 2013 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam. I haven't been a fan of poetry, but this piece… Read More »Poet Neil Hilborn “OCD”

Special Feature: Dancing with Fireflies by David Pikka

Dancing With Fireflies by David Pikka We sing and dance with fireflies Underneath the darkened skies We spot the glow, a second’s grace Then vanished, gone, without a trace A world of lights with silent gleam We thought could only be a dream But nature’s beauty fills our eyes As we sing and dance with fireflies You can find more of David's work here.