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How To Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I LOVE coffee.  But to be honest, I rarely have “The Perfect Cup” and when I do, that's when the heavens open up and everything is right in the world. The Perfect Cup, it's something we coffee lovers are always seeking.  It's the Holy Grail, the unicorn, the best orgasm ever.  However, James Radcliffe  claims to have not only have tasted the rare gem, but he shares that moment and how… Read More »How To Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Let it Linger

There have been times that I truly wish could have lingered on a little longer. Moments when I knew this was one of the best moments of my life and I wanted to hold on to them. Sometimes in daydreams I go back in time, trying to feel that specialness again. They sit on the protected shelves in the halls of my memories and from time to time I take… Read More »Let it Linger

In sickness and in health

When we got married, we had a lot of crazy things on our minds. For us, it was already complicated.  We started things off by throwing every obstacle in the world at our marriage.  We launched right into having a family, not a small one.. one cute kid and a dog, but a large one ending in 5 kids, dogs, cats, and a ton of debt that we managed to… Read More »In sickness and in health

Blogging Basics: Tweaking your Twitter

Since making Twitter a part of my blogging routine, I have found that it is one of the most important things I do in my work week. Not only am I able to connect with other bloggers and see what they are writing, I am able to connect with readers on a personal level. I want to know them, and I love that I can be myself on Twitter as well.

Love’s Conflict

I love the dance and flow of this delightful piece from Traveling In The Mind. Read and let us know your thoughts.