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I’ll remain unbroken

I’ve been there, in those moments of the greatest despair. I’ve sat there in the dark, pistol in hand and thoughts fighting demons. “How fucking dare you! I didn’t deserve that!” I snarled as I shook my head and screamed at the ministers of hate that wanted to destroy all signs of light left in me.  But they were already gone, moved on to the next innocent quarry and I… Read More »I’ll remain unbroken

Pretty is as Pretty does

Pretty is as Pretty Does. Every day we are bombarded with images of what a “Beautiful” woman is supposed to look like. We are told that a beautiful woman is tall,yet not too tall. She doesn’t want to be taller than the man who wants to take her to glamorous dinners in her designer 6 inch heels. She’s thin, but she eats because eating disorders are out, yet not too… Read More »Pretty is as Pretty does

I have a bubble shield around me and you can’t bother me

The world is full of annoying people.  Really, you might be sitting next to one right now. They are the ones who go about their lives doing what they do without any care of how much they drive you bonkers. Or maybe they are the frustrating Brother in Laws that are constantly poking fun of you and laughing when they see you have gone from cool and collected to steam… Read More »I have a bubble shield around me and you can’t bother me

Blog of the Week – A New Perspective Perhaps

This week's Blogger comes to us from A New Perspective Perhaps and in her blog and talking with her through comments, I have come to realize I have found a new friend.  She's very down to earth and very cool, and through her blog posts about her life I have come to find that even though we come from different places we are so much alike. From her love of comforting… Read More »Blog of the Week – A New Perspective Perhaps