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In sickness and in health

When we got married, we had a lot of crazy things on our minds. For us, it was already complicated.  We started things off by throwing every obstacle in the world at our marriage.  We launched right into having a family, not a small one.. one cute kid and a dog, but a large one ending in 5 kids, dogs, cats, and a ton of debt that we managed to… Read More »In sickness and in health
Fancy Coffee

Changing Focus and Gaining Strength as a Blogger

Many of us start our blogs as diaries, a place carved out on the web for our dreams, thoughts, sometimes rants, and a few crazy memes. These blogs are created by the hour, last for a while, and usually die in a year or so.  However the blogs need focus, and a purpose.  You won’t create a blog that people want to keep reading if your readers can’t pinpoint what… Read More »Changing Focus and Gaining Strength as a Blogger

Being a Writer Is “Complicated”

I have always been a writer. I was the kid in school who loved to do the essays, the creative writing pieces, and always kept a diary. I loved reading and would spend my weekends curled up on the couch with a book instead of out with friends. Books became my friends during the times when real ones were few and far between. I was the girl who enjoyed the… Read More »Being a Writer Is “Complicated”