The Sunday of Summer Slump

Every year I try to take August and spend more time offline and with my family. I slow my blog down in August, I rarely post, and in September I get back on like it is the first day of school. I need that time to spend with my kids and to give myself some time off before jumping back in. It is so important to give yourself some care and time off, not run yourself down trying to be everything for everyone.

Why I took a blogging break

I’ve been taking a blog break. It was all about me; I needed to slow down and put some things in perspective. I struggle with writing when my head is clouded with emotions. As a writer, most of what I put into my blog is somehow connected to who I am personally. From food cravings to holidays, I write about what I know. And what I knew was that I… Read More »Why I took a blogging break