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+1 to Romance – How I Met My Husband

When people ask us how we met, we always smile and usually we look at each other. I’m not sure why it’s just a reaction I guess. We used to be a little nervous about telling people we met in a chat room. Now sites like make finding a mate online common and acceptable.  In the 90’s when we met, it was new territory and a little scary. The… Read More »+1 to Romance – How I Met My Husband

Why I took a blogging break

I’ve been taking a blog break. It was all about me; I needed to slow down and put some things in perspective. I struggle with writing when my head is clouded with emotions. As a writer, most of what I put into my blog is somehow connected to who I am personally. From food cravings to holidays, I write about what I know. And what I knew was that I… Read More »Why I took a blogging break

Fancy Coffee

Changing Focus and Gaining Strength as a Blogger

Many of us start our blogs as diaries, a place carved out on the web for our dreams, thoughts, sometimes rants, and a few crazy memes. These blogs are created by the hour, last for a while, and usually die in a year or so.  However the blogs need focus, and a purpose.  You won’t create a blog that people want to keep reading if your readers can’t pinpoint what… Read More »Changing Focus and Gaining Strength as a Blogger