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Guest Bloggers Wanted.

Have an extra special piece that you think is awesome and want to share it?  This week I am looking for a few people willing to share their creative talents and be our featured Guest Bloggers.


A Blogger Gal’s Wardrobe pt1.

I was talking to a friend about what a “Professional” working woman wears to work.  These days a working woman’s wardrobe is very different than it was 20 years ago. But as a blogger, my wardrobe can be very different from someone who goes in to a business every day.  Many think that we get to sleep in all day, work…


Things You Need To Know About Traveling With An Introvert

  Recently on a long flight from Seattle to Baltimore I realized that that traveling with an introvert like myself can be a puzzle for many who might not understand the complexity of an introvert’s mind. Even though we love to travel and explore the world, we also have some special requirements in order to prevent us from just getting…

Take ownership of your title

Owning Your Title

As my writing career has begun to shift lately I’ve been amazed at how my titles have also changed. It wasn’t so long ago that my only claim to fame was once being a pre-school teacher and my fans were really just 2 year olds who loved my monster noises and snack time. I have always thought of myself as…


In sickness and in health

When we got married, we had a lot of crazy things on our minds. For us, it was already complicated.  We started things off by throwing every obstacle in the world at our marriage.  We launched right into having a family, not a small one.. one cute kid and a dog, but a large one ending in 5 kids, dogs,…


I see your stories, and you make me smile.

I am reading the incredible stories of bravery, love, and challenges that so many people are talking about in the comments of my blog post about my choice to be a teen mother. I am sitting here with this warm feeling, sometimes a little teary, and feeling like I want to do more. Story after story of not just women,…

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Recipe: Caraway & Brown Butter Bran Muffins

Originally posted on Angel's Food Cake:
I am a weird cook, Rosemary.  When I made these muffins, it started with just thinking, Hey. I’ll brown the butter. Things with browned butter always sound fancier. Which led to Hey. I’ll use brown sugar, too. Let’s have all the brown! Which led to buttermilk (except we didn’t have any buttermilk) which led to raisins which led to MY FAVORITE…

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Weekly Writing Challenge – Your expertise is needed

We are all experts at something. Maybe you are a craftsmen and create with your hands, or an artist and use your talents to bring beauty into the world. We all have an area where we are the top of our field. I take pride in knowing that I am an expert at a few things; writing, cooking, rolling my eyes, procrastinating,…

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There’s no city like Chicago

Originally posted on }~* Viking Explorer *~{:
When I step out from Union Station, I am greeted by skyscrapers but only one stands out amongst all the rest. As I cross over the Chicago River via West Jackson Boulevard, I pass by the Willis Tower – ( but only a true Chicagoan still refers to the second tallest building in the U.S. by its old name…the…