The Key To Unlocking Flawless Skin After 40 Isn’t What You Think

Essential oils have been around for a very long time. But Face Oils are a new trend that combines the natural healing of essential oils and the ability to customize your beauty routine. Healthy young-looking skin is the dream most of us over 40 look to our beauty routine to attain. Beyond a healthy diet and lifestyle, we also need to make sure our skin has all of the vitamins… Read More »The Key To Unlocking Flawless Skin After 40 Isn’t What You Think

Dear Woman In The Mirror,

  Dear Woman In The Mirror, When I saw you looking at me with tired eyes and frazzled hair the other day in the airport mirror I felt bad for you. And I am sorry for that. I looked away so I didn’t have to keep looking and judging. You see when I first saw you, I appraised you harshly, critiqued the lines on your face, pale color, and the… Read More »Dear Woman In The Mirror,

Compliments from a stranger.

“You have gorgeous long hair, you know. “ That's what she said.. sweet, simple, powerful. I paused, looking around my office, wondering who she was and why in the world she might say such a thing.  Thoughtlessly I ran my fingers through my hair as I stared at the screen.  Why would a stranger be so kind? I scrolled up to see exactly why this stranger would make such a remark… Read More »Compliments from a stranger.

The Poet- Katie Makkai – “Pretty”

These are the truthful and fantastic words about “Pretty” and one woman's thoughts about beauty and it's ugly truths. It is a ‘must watch' for everyone who struggles with “Pretty”.  ( There are some moments of truthful emotions, so those with little ones who you might not want to go about screaming a word that rhymes with truck.